Fergus County




Fergus County
Fergus County covers 4,312 square miles and 2,765,685 acres.  It has a population of about 11,893 people. 
The governing body of Fergus County is a board of three county commissioners, one elected from each of three districts.  Members of the commission are elected for six-year overlapping terms of office.  One commissioner is elected every two years. 
The Commission enforces laws, ordinances and resolutions and carries out policies established, prepares commission meeting agendas, executes bonds and contracts of the county, adopts and administers the county budget and appoints all members of boards and committees.  Meetings are held monthly.
City of Lewistown
The City of Lewistown is a Class II municipality located at the heart of Fergus County.  The City has a population of approximately 6000 residents and is the Fergus County Seat. It operates under a charter and is a City Commission/City Manager form of government.
Seven commissioners, elected with no party affiliation, make up the City Commission. They are elected to four-year, overlapping terms.  Terms are staggered, and elections are held every two years.  The City Commission establishes policies governing City operations and enacts ordinances and resolutions to amend or update the Lewistown Municipal Code.  The Commission levies taxes, adopts the City’s yearly budget and appoints members to citizen advisory boards. Commission meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month in the Lewistown Community Center located at 307 West Watson Street.
The City Manager is hired by the City Commission and acts as the administrative head of city government.  He provides the City Commission with information needed to make informed policy decisions and is responsible for the efficient administration of all City departments.  
The City of Lewistown’s municipal water is supplied by Big Springs, which is located approximately 8 miles south of the city.  The spring water is captured before it reaches the surface and delivered to the city’s water system customers in its natural pure state.  The City provides departments for police, fire, public works, finance, planning, community development, parks and recreation, and a library.