Tennessee Jet Live At The Loft

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue: Central Feed Grilling Company

Describing a Tennessee Jet show isn’t easy...because there is no other
band that sounds like him. You could say it’s Dwight Yoakam meets The
White Stripes or Waylon Jennings meets the Black Keys, but that would
only be a jumping off point in describing the one-of-a-kind performance he
and his band deliver.

Imagine intimate whisper-soft hear-a-pin-drop solo acoustic alt country
renderings one minute and full-boar high volume fuzzed out rock ’n roll
offerings the next. Picture a one-man band version of Hank’s “I Saw the
Light” where everyone is singing and stomping along followed by a
blistering full-band set of revved up bluesy twang. Because this is a show
about the exchange of energy, stark contrast, and the power only a song
can possess.

TN Jet grew up on Country Music from the bench seat of his parents truck
going from rodeo to rodeo and his extensive knowledge of traditional
country music is ingrained in his performances. If you’re looking for
something that ain’t the same old same, Tennessee Jet is a good place to

TJ is currently finishing up his 3rd album recorded in Los Angeles by 5-time
Grammy winning engineer Ryan Freeland (Ray LaMontagne, Milk Carton
Kids), and the album is slated for a Summer ’19 release. Tennessee Jet’s
current single is a duet with Cody Jinks on the Waylon Jennings song
“Waymore’s Blues”.


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