Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek

Photo by Patricia Kenney Thompson

Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek
Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek
Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek
Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek
Fly Fishing on Big Spring Creek
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Cashore Marionettes Community Concert

Date: Monday, November 19, 2018 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM

Venue: Fergus Center for the Performing Arts  |  City: Lewistown

What is a marionette?  It is a puppet controlled from above by strings, not by a hand inside the puppet.  In the U.S. puppet shows are often considered to be exclusively for children, whereas throughout the rest of the world puppet and marionette plays are classically performed for adult audiences. 

This Cashore Marionettes show is definitely for both: adults and children.  The marionettes, their clothing, and all the props have been made entirely by Joseph Cashore.  His wife Wilma is his assistant for his performances.

Joe Cashore works miracles…Let computer trickery take you and fake you some other day.  Pure, simple and beguiling, the ‘Cashore Marionettes’ are the real deal.”  -  The Richmond Times Dispatch


2018/2019 Central Montana Community Concert Series
Outstanding Live Performances - 5 concerts for one $60 membership
Experience the thrill of the world’s greatest music by internationally acclaimed artists.
Attend all five spectacular concerts for one low cost through the Community Concert Membership Plan.


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Fergus Center for the Performing Arts, 1001 Casino Creek Dr, Lewistown



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