Antelope Hunting
Antelope Hunting
Address: Lewistown, MT
Categories: Hunting
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Lewistown sits in the center of antelope country.  All of the pronghorn hunting is restricted to permit only, but several of the surrounding areas have liberal quotas so interested hunters have a reasonable chance of drawing a tag. 

To the north and east of Lewistown, there is a lot of public land access, mostly via BLM lands.  To the north (Winifred), west (Stanford) and south (Judith Gap), more of the access is on private land, but if you plan ahead, you can usually find a spot to hunt.

A good idea is to ask permission before you apply for your permit so that you know you will have a place to go if you get a tag.  Whether you hunt on public or private land, Central Montana antelope hunting gets you out on the wide open plains of the west during one of the prettiest times of year. 

Central Montana is an excellent place to attempt the challenge of taking a pronghorn with a bow. Most archers have success by setting up a blind at a waterhole after scouting an area.

For the hunter looking for the ultimate challenge, you can spot-and-stock. Either way, the antelope population is rebounding in our area, access is readily available via public lands (mostly BLM), and the challenge awaits!

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