Big Spring Trout Hatchery
Big Spring Trout Hatchery

The largest coldwater trout hatchery in the state, Big Springs Trout Hatchery is located seven miles southeast of Lewistown next to Big Springs, the originating point of Big Spring Creek.  The hatchery grounds produce over 130,000 pounds of fish annually, and are open to the public every day of the week, dawn to dusk. The public can view fish in the hatchery raceways but are encouraged not to feed or bother them.

With help from the City of Lewistown and the local Rod & Gun Club, the trout hatchery began construction in 1922.  Hatchery raceways, rock-walled bridges and tranquil ponds were built, and willow trees were planted in and around the springs.  Many of these beautiful ponds and bridges are still in place today.

The trees and natural rock boundaries provide a rustic, scenic backdrop for the adjacent park, which is maintained by the City of Lewistown. There is a circular trout display pool near the origin of the spring, where people can buy a handful of fish food and feed the large fish in the pool.

The park offers wildlife viewing of deer, small mammals and a variety of birds, and includes a picnic area, shelters, restrooms, volleyball and baseball fields.  The perfect spot to spend an afternoon with family and friends, the highlight of this beautiful picnic spot are the springs and trails which follow the creek as it begins its journey to town.

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