Black Bear Hunting
Black Bear Hunting
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Black bear hunting in Central Montana is available on both public and private lands.  Hunters are allowed one bear tag per year.  Baiting is not allowed in Montana, all bear hunting is done by spot and stalk.  

Spring bear season is from mid-April thorugh mid-June.  This is when foilage begins to green-up, bears are in rut, and mama bears and cubs emerge from their dens. Spring Hound Training is end-of-May thorugh mid-June.

Resident hunters may legally use hounds to chase black bears during spring hound season in any valid hunting district or management unit during the period that it is open to hound hunting or chasing.  Hunters must possess a valid Black Bear License.

Fall season is mid-September through November.  Black bears will be heavily focused on food sources, so hunting in high-food-source areas is recommended.  Archery season is a one-week period in September, with the same recommendations suggested.

Complete black bear hunting regulations are available on the Montana FWP website

As a reminder, being bear-friendly in Montana is a commitment.  Bears are active from early spring through late fall, and Montana is a place where a bear is not viewed as entertainment but as a wild animal that shares its habitat with humans.  It is unlawful to intentionally, or to inadvertently feed bears. Those who do will be warned and possibly cited.

Photo by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

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