Central Montana Museum

Central Montana Museum
Address: 408 NE Main St, Lewistown, MT
Categories: HistoryFamily Friendly

At the Central Montana Museum, the area’s history is chronologically portrayed beginning in the 1870’s when the area was largely unsettled and buffalo roamed the open prairies.  Our museum features many photos and displays of the changes that resulted as many settlers from all walks of life came to Central Montana and filed on homesteads.  

Also on exhibit are a variety of collections (dolls, hats, wedding dresses, quilts, fire arms, forts, fossils, dioramas, Native American art and artifacts, medical equipment and photos from St. Joseph’s Hospital, military [including a Norden bombsite], tools, swords, mounted wildlife trophies, musical instruments, and many others), a small-scale city street, replicas of a Torosaurus dinosaur skull found near Valentine and a red river cart used by the Metis, early settlers in the area.  Our displays are ever-changing as we strive to make each visit unique and memorable.  

You're most welcome to sit a spell and thumb through collections of photographs and local history books of Central Montana’s communities or view educational media in electronic format.  A variety of books, fossils, memorabilia, decks of playing cards containing 54 local historic photos, post card booklets and locally made products are for sale in the store area located near the front door.

We sure hope that you'll stop in and explore Central Montana's past.   We'd be mighty obliged, too, if you'd encourage your friends and acquaintances to visit us as well.

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