Charlie Russell Chew Choo
Charlie Russell Chew Choo
Address: Hanover Rd, Lewistown, MT

The Charlie Russell Chew Choo follows the route of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific railroad.  Ours was a spur line built from 1912-1913 connecting Lewistown to Great Falls.  On the dinner train ,you will travel 56 miles round trip in approximately 3 ½ hours. You board several miles outside of Lewistown and  then travel to the town of Denton and back.  

On this trip you will cross two breathtaking trestles and pass through a half- mile long tunnel, all the while enjoying narrative of the country you are passing through.  Scenery includes rich farm land, rough terrain and bountiful wildlife.

Along the way, you'll be entertained by western musicians, and while on board you must be sure to watch out for masked bandits, as you never know when they will ride up with their guns blazing and attack the train.

The train features a fresh, melt in your mouth, full course, prime rib dinner plus all the fixin’s and dessert.  The train also includes a no host cash bar, climate controlled coaches, bathrooms and is a non-smoking facility.

You can ride the train on one of the select weekends that it runs, or charter it for that special occasion or group.  If you want the extra special treatment, you can book the VIP package, which, in addition to the dinner and trip, includes priority boarding, preferred seating, complimentary drink with dinner, a t-shirt and a cinch sack.

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