Glengarry Trail
Glengarry Trail
Address: Lewistown, MT
Categories: City Trails

This unimproved railroad grade trail travels through the countryside for 8 miles west of Lewistown. The trail provides spectacular views of the Judith Basin and several Island Mountain Ranges.  Another highlight is Cottonwood Creek. (View City Trails Map)

The trail to Glengarry is accessed off of the Tunnels Loop. Parking is available at the Kiwanis Rest Area and at Glengarry. The trail ends at the McMillan Road. The four mile reach to Glengarry is typically mowed once each year, but the furthest four miles have not been maintained.

Despite limited maintenance the trail to Glengarry has a packed surface suitable for walking and mountain bikes. Near Cottonwood Creek the trail is rough due to rock ballast remaining from the railroad track. The horse trail on this reach is no longer maintained.

For more information, contact Lewistown’s Park and Recreation Department Director, Jim Daniels at (406) 535-3045

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