Tunnels Loop Trail

Tunnels Loop Trail
Address: Airport Rd, Lewistown, MT

This 6 mile loop is partially paved and can be a great bike ride. The loop includes the Tunnels Trail, the Bypass trail and part of the City Railroad Trail. (View City Trails Map)

Begin walking or biking at Frank Day Park. In a counter clockwise direction head past the Frog Ponds, the Lewistown Jr High and then follow the trail as it turns to gravel and runs adjacent to the Highway 191 truck bypass. The first tunnel is located at about 3 miles. After the tunnel, continue left to return to Frank Day Park. Turn right to head west on the unimproved trail to Glengarry, 4 miles away. On the way back to Lewistown, a gravel trail, just inside the highway fence, will take you through the Kiwanis Campground Rest Area.

The highway also has a paved bike lane here. Just past the rest area the gravel trail enters a gravel road with several businesses. Veer left and you will find a paved asphalt sidewalk next to the highway that will take you through the second tunnel. After the second tunnel, turn right to follow Lower Airport Road downhill to the Frog Ponds and back to Frank Day Park. As an alternative, turn left instead of a right at the second tunnel to head toward Main Street.

For more information, contact Lewistown’s Park and Recreation Department Director, Lisa Langbehn at (406) 535-3045

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